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BBC Radio 2 .. 30 December 2018
Lee Mead on An Evening with Don Black - BBC Radio 2, Dec 2018 Lee was honoured to be invited to be a part of this evening of stories and song to celebrate the 80th birthday of an amazing lyricist and fascinating man - An Evening with Don Black - recorded in October (shortly after the Stages Festival at which a similar event was one of my highlights of the cruise) and aired on BBC Radio 2 Sunday 30 December.

On both occasions Lee sang a song we've heard from him before, fittingly at the London Palladium celebration of Don Black's 70th birthday - Some of Us Belong to the Stars from 'Billy', the musical version of Billy Liar which was Don Black's first big musical theatre success.

It was great to hear it again, and while Lee's voice has matured beautifully in the 10 years between the two, there was a youthful exuberance about the first performance that I think gave it a slight edge, but perhaps it's unfair to compare radio play with the vibrant visuality of a live performance!

I do hope you caught the whole show - Don Black's gift for words also makes him a brilliant raconteur - but below you can listen again to both Lee's performance and the chat about Billy that preceded it between Don and host Michael Ball...
Published: 13/01/2019
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