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Meridian FM .. 14 March 2019
A year to the day after they last spoke, Lee again chatted live (by phone) and at length to Samantha Day for her Meridian FM breakfast show this morning. Then he was about to visit The Capitol with his 10 Year Anniversary tour and this year he's back in Horsham on Sunday 24 March with his fabulous new 2019 tour My Story : A Dream That Became A Reality.

Their lively conversation covered a lot of ground and came with the added bonus of airplay for not one, not two, but three tracks from his latest album - an extra one squeezed in ahead of their chat because the ever-busy Lee couldn't get to the phone just then... if I didn't know he's far too well-mannered to be deliberately late, I'd think that was great tactics!

In a rather different format than we have seen from Lee before, this new stripped-down show features some of his favourite songs and sees him reflect on his life and career in conversation with BBC presenter, singer and good friend, the lovely Beverley Humphreys.

The tour runs to November and visits the Meridian FM's area several times during the year:

  • The Capitol, Horsham on Sunday 24 March
  • Camberley Theatre, Camberley on Sunday 30 June
  • Hever Festival Theatre, Edenbridge on Saturday 27 July and
  • Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne on Friday 8 November
    Published: 14/03/2019
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