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Talk Radio .. 28 March 2021
Exciting times as promo kicks in for Lee's 40th birthday celebration concert Live at the London Palladium on 10 June 2021 (on sale now!). Today he joined Bob Mills on Talk Radio which has the distinct advantage of broadcasting live on YouTube, so we were treated to the sight of a very relaxed, happy-looking Lee chatting about the show, turning more serious as he recalled how tough lockdown has been, not just for him, but for all in the arts.

Lee's birthday isn't until 14 July, but the Palladium wasn't available then. Asked what was on instead, he didn't know... I checked and, remembering his cancelled 26th birthday party in the days before he opened at the Adelphi back in 2007, couldn't help but think there's a certain irony about him being prevented from celebrating on the day itself by the latest production of Joseph!

Published: 28/03/2021
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