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BBC Radio 2 .. 5 April 2021
Where better for Lee to pop up this Easter Monday than on Gaby Roslin's BBC Radio 2 show Songs That Bring You Joy, introducing the song that he's so often said will be carved on his tombstone, Any Dream Will Do.

It's certainly a song that brings me joy, whether I'm singing along with the 'ah ah aaahs' at the end of one of his concerts, or hear it in passing on the radio, it will forever be associated with his time in Joseph and everything that followed from his win on the BBC TV show that shares its name.

Gaby joined in with the final phrase before fading out "lovely Lee, one of the nicest guys in this industry" to give a brief plug for his recently announced 40th birthday concert Lee Mead : Live at the London Palladium on Thursdy 10th June.
Published: 05/04/2021
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