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Jack and the Beanstalk first show .. 22 December 2012
Lee Mead made a very successful panto debut as the eponymous Jack in QDOS Entertainment's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at Southampton's Mayflower Theatre on Saturday 22 December.

The all-star line-up, featuring Julian Clary as the Spirit of the Beans and Nigel Havers as Fleshcreep, with Paul Zerdin (and Sam) making a special guest appearance as Simple Simon, and Robyn Mellor as Princess Apricot gave their first performance to a packed house at the matinee, closely followed by press night later the same day!

The reviews are universally, and quite deservedly, excellent. To quote from just one (What's On Stage): "A humdinger of a pantomime, oozing fun, frolics and feel good factor for the festive season."

With such a fantastic cast, you might think it would be difficult for a panto newbie like Lee to shine, but shine he most certainly does. Quoting again from the What's On Stage review: "Lee Mead [...] smoulders with great stage presence and his singing voice is sublime, captivating the audience with renderings of popular ‘Joseph’ numbers, whilst being hilariously heckled by Julian Clary." All true, but it's also great to see him flex his comedy muscles - he has great timing and incredibly expressive eyebrows!

The 3D effects are, as billed, amazing (and scary enough to have me burying my head in my seat buddy's shoulder at one point), the costume department have excelled themselves, especially with Julian's spectacular and extensive wardrobe, and in the best traditions of panto the comedy delivers on multiple levels, entertaining children and adults alike.

The show ran until Saturday 19 January 2013. [Ticket and schedule info removed now show is over.]

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