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Any Dream Will Do : Week 8 .. 19 May 2007
Just in case anyone was still in doubt, Lee stunned everyone this week with his performance of the Rolling Stones number 'Paint It Black' - the defining moment of the entire series for many people. There are two sets of screencaps this week - one for Paint It Black and one for all the rest.

Opening number: Our first 'repeat' opener... (it won't be the last!)
Lee's VT: The boys take the mick out of Lee's dedication to the task in hand! Oh, and body for life and the 'Joseph zone'...
Lee's solo: The defining moment of the series for Lee in many people's eyes... a breathtaking, intense performance of Rolling Stones number 'Paint It Black'.
Judges' comments: Blown away... just like me!
Trio VT: An interesting behind the scenes glimpse at how the boys worked together...
Trio: As the numbers dwindle, there are opportunities for small group numbers to be included... two Trios this week, with Lee, Daniel and Craig giving a great suited and booted performance of 'Don't Rain on My Parade'
Judges' trio comments: Positive feedback from the judges. Group number: Sharp suits and the Beatles this week.
Mission: There are all sorts of comments I could make in hindsight... but I won't!
Podcast: Zoe says intense makes Lee happy but thinks he needs to loosen up a little...

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