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Any Dream Will Do : Week 10 .. 2 June 2007
The Semi-Final - just four remain now and the tension is high ... and that's just for the viewers at home, heaven knows how the boys are feeling! The first set of screencaps takes you from the Opener to Living on a Prayer with the second covering The Rest!

Opening number: Down to the final four... just one more to go out this week and then it's crunch-time!
Lee's VT: "I think everyone dreams of that one moment where they can show the world what they can do and, for me, this programme has been that chance..."
Lee's solo: A number that doesn't entirely play to Lee's strengths, but as always he gives 100% to the performance.
Judges' comments: Zoe picks up on a moment where things didn't go completely to plan, but Andrew counters by saying how brilliantly he covered the slip, an essential skill in a live performer.
Duet VT: Working with the composer in this way must be quite an experience...
Duet with Lewis: Lee seems to bring out the best in Lewis in this duet from Evita.
Judges' duet comments: Andrew is impressed with how both have taken his notes on board.
Group number: Loving Lee in lilac... and the four of them do a good job of a tough song.
Outing: As they near the prize, another visit to a West End show to sharpen the appetite!
Podcast: "I'm one step away..."

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