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Casualty : S28 Ep 29 .. 15 March 2014
Lee Mead as Nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, BBC Casualty SERIES 28, EPISODE 29 - GRAVITY

After a couple of weeks with plenty of Lofty-time, there were only fleeting glimpses of Mr Mead in this episode, but I'll take that - it's such a joy to have him on screen regularly!

Radio Times: "Casualty packs a lot into this episode, producing a dramatic hour where the lives of some regular characters are at stake. The main emergency involves a boy with cerebral palsy who nobody realises is in grave danger. Fletch faces a crisis of his own when his newborn son fails to start breathing.

But the bulk of the action takes place in the ambulance bay, where troubled ex-soldier Kenny injures Big Mac (a “Mac attack”, if you will) and engineers a hostage crisis. If Kenny can fell the burly would-be paramedic, then surely nobody’s safe?"

Synopsis: Big Mac tries to calm down angry former soldier Kenny, who is convinced his old Army mate Iain slept with his wife - but when the paramedic arrives to help, it only inflames the situation and the troubled patient ends up holding both physicians hostage. A woman heads over to a neighbour's house to complain about their noisy party, but gets more than she bargained for when she takes matters into her own hands, and Fletch's wife Natalie arrives in the ED in the early stages of labour.

With my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my profuse apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit! And despite minimal Lofty, there are still a few screencaps from this week's episode!

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Last updated: 16/03/2014
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