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Casualty : S28 Ep 45 .. 12 July 2014

Lee Mead as Nurse Lofty, BBC Casualty The brief glimpse of a smiling (but silent!) Lofty towards the end of this week's preview clip was a reasonable indication of the level of his involvement in the episode itself - more than in previous weeks but not central to any storylines. He's becoming the nurse that pops up everywhere around the department, which in itself is no bad thing, but it's rather like being shown the specials board in a restaurant and then being told that all the dishes are off the menu!

Synopsis: A drugs counsellor enlists the help of a former addict to carry out a carjacking in his desperate bid for money - but when he ends up coughing up blood, it turns out thereis something he has been keeping from his wife. Cal is negligent when dealing with the carjacking victim - something that doesn't go unnoticed by Connie - and a leukaemia survivor is suspected of hurting her baby, while Tess returns to the department with a new-found sense of direction in her life. There's tension between Tamzin and Jeff when he goes on a date with Samantha.
Lee Mead as Lofty, BBC Casualty Lee Mead as Lofty, BBC Casualty I believe we may be without Casualty (never mind just Lofty) for the next three weeks while the Commonwealth Games take over the airwaves, but happily this week there was still plenty of material for screencaps, and with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my profuse apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

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Last updated: 13/07/2014
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