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Casualty : S28 Ep 48 .. 23 August 2014
Lee Mead as Nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, BBC Casualty SERIES 28, EPISODE 48 - A LIFE LESS LIVED

Well, we enjoyed rather more of Lofty in this series-ending episode than I anticipated from his lowly spot on the cast list - nothing major, but frequently popping up around the department, showing there is rather more to him than the 'clumsy Lofty' that has been seen so much to date, and feeling very much part of the team now.

I hope that bodes well for future storylines and, happily, we won't have long to wait to find out as Series 29 kicks off next Saturday with 'Learning to Fly' after no break at all!

Synopsis: Zoe is feeling the pressure of reaching her 40th birthday and finds unexpected support in the form of an ex-patient. Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea, but Lily is determined to reveal the truth to Connie. Meanwhile, a building site accident brings a warring father and son closer together as an illness is revealed, Mac convinces Jeff he's being followed by Tamzin's boyfriend Dave, and Rita's behaviour starts to worry both staff and patients when her drinking becomes impossible to conceal.

As always, there are a few screencaps and, with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my profuse apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

Details of all Lee's episodes can be found at HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX.

Last updated: 24/08/2014
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