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Casualty : S29 Ep 3 .. 20 September 2014

After a break for the Last Night of the Proms, Casualty returned this week with the third episode of Series 29 - Home (episode trailer, right).

It brought a great storyline for Lofty as he tried to help a young lad who had arrived in the ED in great pain and considerable distress. Much as I like 'clumsy Lofty' and the scope it gives for Lee to demonstrate his fabulous comic timing, it was very satisfying to see him give the character more depth, demonstrating the compassion and nursing skills we have glimpsed relatively briefly in earlier episodes.

Synopsis: Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED as the specialist doctor to a young heart patient, and her insistence that the boy should be operated on, despite his obvious weakness, makes Connie suspicious of her motives. A young man sneaks into the department, deeply distressed by a huge abscess in his mouth, and Lofty becomes concerned for his mental health. Dixie's nose is put out of joint by Tamzin and Jeff's relationship, claiming she doesn't trust Tamzin - but is it just jealousy? Ash visits Rita at home and ends up covering for her at work, while Charlie gets a day off - which he spends hanging around the ED.

As always, there are screencaps and, with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my profuse apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

Details of all Lee's episodes can be found at HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX.

Last updated: 21/09/2014
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