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Casualty : S29 Ep 14 .. 13 December 2014
Lee Mead as Nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, BBC Casualty SERIES 29, EPISODE 14 - SOLOMON'S SONG

Lee was on stage as Prince Charming on the opening day of his panto run in Cardiff when this episode aired - thankfully there was a slightly calmer air in the ED than on the New Theatre stage! Lee gave a beautifully pitched performance as Lofty, in thoughtful mode, tried to get through to a hypothermic, lonely and loincloth-clad patient who thought he was Jesus, even earning himself a 'you did good' from Lily Chao despite her initial caution to him not to get too involved.

And there was karaoke! But although Lofty was allowed a mic, joining Rita and Lily to sing 'Merry Christmas Everybody', it seems Lee is still not allowed a (singing) voice on Casualty as only the girls could be heard... trick well and truly missed!

Casualty is off air over Christmas, returning to our screens on Saturday 3 January when I'm happy to say Lee is on the cast list. In the meantime, there are two festive video treats from the BBC to enjoy... a wonderful Trailer/Review/Bloopers mash-up and a cast and crew Christmas Croon - happy Christmas!

Synopsis: Rescue teams are called to the cathedral when a ceiling collapse leaves several of the congregation trapped. Lofty helps a patient who thinks he is Jesus and Ash finally comes to terms with his feelings.

Zoe catches Max spying on her and Dylan at the houseboat and is forced to confront him about their relationship, while Grace is waiting in the hospital all day and ends up clashing with Connie, leaving Zoe with a difficult decision to make. Honey reveals her big secret - what will the team make of her revelation? Drama with the Holby City emergency staff, starring Lee Mead and Patrick Robinson.

Finally, there are some screencaps and, with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

Details of all Lee's episodes can be found at HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX.

Last updated: 19/12/2014
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