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Casualty : S29 Ep 24 .. 7 March 2015
Lee Mead as Nurse Lofty, BBC Casualty SERIES 29, EPISODE 24 - EXCESS BAGGAGE

Another episode with far too little Lofty for me as the two central storylines involved other members of the ED team... his action focused almost entirely on the fate of a scratchcard and what in Robyn's eyes, though at this stage less obviously in his, is a budding romance between them!

Synopsis: Lily tries to persuade a woman to be honest with her husband by admitting she doesn't want to continue with IVF treatment.

Rita helps a man change his stubborn attitude after he refuses to tell people he has a neurological disease, while Dixie gives Iain a verbal warning.

Finally, there are some screencaps and, with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

Details of all Lee's episodes can be found at HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX.

Last updated: 08/03/2015
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