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Casualty : 30/48 .. 25 April 2015
Lee Mead as Nurse Lofty, BBC Casualty SERIES 29, EPISODE 30 - THE RITA SUPREMACY

Lots of Lofty in this ep - with the ongoing saga of how to put Robyn off him and plenty of patient care... one patient makes a particular impression and in a roundabout way gives him the answer to the first issue! How ironic that in making one girl feel better about herself, he ends up hurting a friend.

His scenes with the patient, from stumbling hello to wise counsel, were played beautifully, Lee once again showing a deft hand in conveying much with just a look.

Synopsis: Connie needs to prove her innocence in the Alfred case, but her last chance to do so is scuppered by Rita and she is charged.

When a gorgeous patient comes into the Emergency Department with a septic tattoo (a result of trying to impress a man who left her at the altar) Lofty tells her that she deserves to be treated better. The patient kisses Lofty and Robyn sees, which hurts her feelings. Meanwhile Robyn helps two star-crossed lovers who are brought into the ED having been involved in a house fire. The police suspect arson, but when the girl's mother arrives at the ED it transpires that the cause of the fire lies with her.

Finally, there are some screencaps and, with my ever grateful thanks to the anonymous editor and my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the 'Meady bits' edit!

Details of all Lee's episodes can be found at HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX.

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