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Holby City .. 25 July 2017

Things have been a little quiet for Lofty in recent weeks, but that all changed this week and boy, was it worth the wait! I love how the creative team are developing Lofty's character since his move to Holby City, and am constantly impressed (though not at all surprised) by how brilliantly Lee has picked that up and run with it.

I love too that the relationship between Lofty and Dom is being allowed to grow slowly, it's so much more believable than is sometimes the case in soapland. A few boundaries were tested this week, for sure, but in a way that serves only to add another layer to their friendship, leaving the audience guessing as to where their respective paths may lead them and plenty of scope for future storylines.

Dom's mum, Carole Copeland (Julia Deakin), is always a lively addition to the cast, bringing not a little hilarity to the proceedings along with love and sage words for her son - her scenes alone with Dom were very moving and beautifully played and their whole story so closely inter-woven with Lofty's that I have included all of it in this week's edit.

We (and Dom!) still have a lot to learn about Lofty but for now I'm more than happy with baby steps... with each one we see a little more of the character and of the really rather fine acting of the man who brings him to life.

Finally, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Mead & Ames' edit. As always, there are also a few, oh OK, rather a lot of screencaps!

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Last updated: 26/07/2017
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