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Holby City .. 22 August 2017

Well they say the path to true love never did run smooth... I'm not sure it's even heading to true love, but the meandering road that Lofty and Dom's relationship is taking to wherever it *is* going is a joy to watch in the hands of two actors of the calibre of Lee and David Ames. Nice too to see the return of Lofty's Sherlock tendencies with a spot of obscure medical diagnosis.

Synopsis: Oliver struggles with the thought that Tara's death could have been prevented, and Zosia is offered a chance to advance her career. Meanwhile, Lofty worries that Dominic still has feelings for him and contemplates how to let him down gently.

Finally, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Meady edit'. There will be screencaps soon but for now that would be testing my ability to edit on the move a little too far!

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Last updated: 23 August 2017
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