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Holby City .. 5 September 2017

I'd settled in advance for minimal Lofty this week, so when I caught up with the episode after a night at the theatre, it came as a rather delightful surprise. With new arrival Fredrik stalking the wards, at first glance so like his father Henrik Hanssen (perfect casting!) but on closer observation so much more chilling, Lofty first puts his foot in it but later stands (OK, leans against the desk) as an equal in the close-knit Keller team.

I sense that Lee really *knows* Lofty now and, helped by far greater character consistency from the writing team and strong storylines, he plays him beautifully. So glad to hear at his last Pheasantry gig (where none other than the boss himself, Mr Guy Henry, was in attendance) that he's just signed another contract and will be there at Holby for another year at least.

Synopsis: Hanssen is forced to confront his past when a familiar face arrives as a registrar. Meanwhile, Zosia finally relaxes into some wedding planning, but Guy's behaviour sparks fresh concern. Elsewhere, Donna makes it her mission to teach Fletch a lesson.

Finally, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Meady edit'. As usual, there are also a few screencaps!

Last updated: 6 September 2017
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