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Holby City .. 26 September 2017
S19-E51 : VEIL OF TEARS Part Two

A day on from first watching this episode and I'm still grinning - not at the storyline, that was heart-breaking - but at the deftness and skill with which both Lee and David Ames portrayed the rollercoaster of emotions they were each going through. The rest of the cast too, but forgive me for focusing on the life and times of a certain curly nurse! Grinning too at the depth of character we are seeing in this Holby version of Lofty and the scope that gives Lee to flex his rather fine acting muscles.

But back to that storyline... the beautifully crafted slow burn, flaring briefly to fierce life, only for Dom to do his best to snuff it out again, trying to do the right thing by Lofty and, perhaps in doing so, by himself too. But this story isn't over by a long chalk... I have faith that the creative team see as much promise in these two as the viewers clearly do and I'm sure Lofty's quietly dignified "it meant something to me" (perfectly pitched Mr M, the first of several moments that brought tears to my eyes) will come back to haunt Dom, hopefully (eventually?) at a time in his life when he feels better able to accept Lofty's feelings for him and acknowledge his own for Lofty.

Whew! I'm really very invested in this relationship now... keep reminding myself it's fiction, but the pair of them play it so well that for those 60 minutes on screen I believe in it utterly! Neither of them appear in next week's episode, so I guess we'll have wait a little longer to see what happens next. Will content myself meanwhile with watching this a few more times...

Synopsis: In the aftermath of the wedding, Zosia has a heart-breaking decision to make. Meanwhile, Dom and Lofty find themselves in an awkward situation when Dom's boyfriend winds up on Keller. And Donna and Ric's living situation is proving too close for comfort.

Finally, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Meady edit'. As usual, there are also a few screencaps!

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Published: 15/09/2017; last updated: 27/09/2017
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