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Holby City .. 19 December 2017

There was very little Lofty in this episode (though what there was gives me hope for him and Dom in 2018), but I loved it all the same - a beautifully played exit storyline for Morven (Ellie Fanyinka) which with a little Christmas magic saw the unexpected but very welcome return of Arthur Digby (Rob Ostlere) from beyond the grave. I'm also really enjoying the growing friendship... or is it more? betweeen Jac and Fletch.

There's been lots to love above Holby these past few weeks and, despite so many departures, I'm hopeful of more good things to come in 2018... and if some of those should happen to involve a certain Mr Mead, I will not be complaining!

Synopsis: Overworked and sleep deprived, Morven is stunned when an old flame returns to Holby, reopening old wounds. After an accident at work forces her to think about the past, Morven begins questioning her ties to the hospital and what the future may hold for her. Jac must finally decide whether being a mother means she must give up her Holby family. But when loyal friend Fletch struggles with the mounting winter crisis, Jac can't help but get involved. Will she always be a surgeon to the core? Essie helps Gaskell diagnose an intriguing and unusual patient. When he invites her to join him in surgery, Essie is surprised to find herself bonding with the enigmatic new Professor.

The full episode will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer until Thursday 18 January 2018 and here, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Lofty edit'. As usual, there are also a few screencaps.

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Published: 04/12/2017; last updated 19/12/2017
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