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Holby City .. 23 January 2018

The big story this week was the Memorial Service for Raf and the ongoing impact of recent events on the Holby staff, but nestled in amongst those strands was a real gem of a story - of Lofty and his Gran... and Dom - beautifully played by Lee, Wanda Ventham and David Ames.

I will forever think of it as the 'Piglet episode', first glimpsed in the Winter trailer, and while we learned nothing of Lofty's past other than that he was pretty much raised by his Gran, maybe we learned a little more of where his future is heading...

Synopsis: The hospital picks up the pieces ahead of Raf's memorial. At a time when the Holby family need each other more than ever, can Hanssen find his way back to them? Dead set on moving forward and maintaining her status as Holby's supersurgeon, Jac wants to fast track her recovery, but with reminders of the memorial all around, she can't outrun the past. Lofty is thrown when an unexpected patient turns up on Keller. In spite of mounting stresses throughout the day, Lofty wonders whether his future with Dominic may be looking up.

The full episode will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer until Thursday 22 February 2018 and here, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Lofty edit' with a bit more for context! As usual, there are also a few screencaps.

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Published: 11/01/2018; last udpated: 23/01/2018
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