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Holby City .. 7 February 2018

The continuing fall-out from the shooting saw one of my favourite characters - Henrik Hanssen - step down this week, which heralded the return of another Holby favourite - Serena Campbell. In other news, Lofty and Dom were both on duty - and while there wasn't a lot of them, it was all business, so no hotting up of the slow burn. But it's Valentine's Day next week... so is that where we finally see that winter trailer kiss?

Synopsis: Hanssen steps down as CEO, with Serena agreeing to take over temporarily. When Ric is admitted to Holby, Serena and Donna treat the injuries he sustained in prison. Meanwhile, Oliver's physiotherapy is cut short when his therapist collapses, triggering his surgical instincts.

The full episode will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer until Friday 9 March 2018 and here, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the 'Lofty edit'! As usual, there are also a few screencaps.

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Published: 25/01/2018; last updated: 08/02/2018
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