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Holby City .. 13 March 2018
Lee Mead as Nurse 'Lofty' Chiltern on Holby City - S20 E11 The L Word S20-E11 : THE L WORD

So, after dancing round each other for months, it took a health crisis for Lofty's gran to allow both Lofty and Dom to finally see the truth of their feelings for each other... at the same time! They're not quite on the same page yet, but I reckon they're both reading the same chapter now at least.

And watching them get there was a joy - beautiful work from both Lee and David Ames, and from Wanda Ventham, while on the periphery of this storyline but very much at the centre of his own, James Anderson continues to play a blinder with Ollie's ongoing recovery.

Synopsis: Roxanna's groundbreaking treatment for Ollie is finally underway. However initial progress has unexpected side effects for both. When Dom is drawn into Sheilagh's care his loyalties are challenged, while his relationship with Lofty may be forfeited. Dom may know where he stands medically, but does he know where he stands with Lofty? Donna and Fletch turn sleuth to find a missing link in Ric's case, which may be the key to his avoiding going to prison. When their mission seems hopeless, Donna must face the possibility that maybe they can't help Ric after all.

Finally, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, here's the Lofty edit! And screencaps!

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Published: 01/03/2018; last updated: 17/04/2018
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