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Holby City .. 1 May 2018

After a traumatic episode for Dom and a testing one for his and Lofty's relationship last time out, this week the focus turned again to Lofty and his gran as a set-back in Sheilagh's recovery sees her back on the ward.

With Dom appearing only by way of a letter to Sheilagh and an unseen text to Lofty, it was Fletch who stepped into the breach to support his anxious colleague.

It was an interesting ep - the good staff of Holby, and their patients, fighting many and varied personal demons. No huge dramas but quietly compelling viewing even so.

Synopsis: An exhausted Fletch clashes with Abigail when an unexpected visitor turns up on the ward, and personal issues distract Nicky from her big case. Xavier's patience is tested by a tricky patient when details from his past come to light.

The full episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until 31 May 2018 while below, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the Lofty and Sheilagh edit. Screencaps to follow.

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Published: 19/04/2018; last updated: 02/05/2018
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