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Holby City .. 5 June 2018

I was very happy to see Lee, David Ames and Wanda Ventham (Sheilagh Chiltern) all cast-listed this week... and I wasn't disappointed. Of course, there was plenty of other stuff going on, but from a Lee fan point of view, the story focused on Lofty's gran and her eagerness to escape the confines of Holby City Hospital, and peripherally the impact of that on his burgeoning love affair with Dom.

I watched through a veil of personal sadness, but I don't believe that distorted my view of a perfectly pitched acting performance from Lee... as grandson and boyfriend, he hit all the right notes. Totally natural, totally believable... beautiful work, Mr M. And not just Mr M, kudos too to the marvellous Wanda Ventham as Lofty's gran, and to David Ames as Dom.

Synopsis: With Fletch and Abiís relationship still secret, Fletch is thrown by the reappearance of a familiar face on Darwin. Loved-up Lofty is anxious not to crush Dominicís weekend plans, so when Lofty catches Sheilagh behaving recklessly, he risks fracturing both relationships. On a high with patient success in Morocco, Gaskellís sceptical reaction to a new trial candidate leads to a disagreement with Roxanna.

The full episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until 28 June 2018 while below, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the Dom and Lofty edit. Also a few screencaps...

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Published: 24/05/2018; last updated: 03/07/2018
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