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Holby City .. 27 June 2018

Lofty strikes again! 😳#holbycity #wereonwednesday #leemead

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The Holby City instagram account has been firing off regular reminders about the world-cup induced Wednesday broadcast, including a number of HolbyCam videos - lovely to see Lee taking his turn, though it has to be said that his ball skills owe more to the Lofty school of football than to our world cup team! Follow bbcholbycity on Instagram for more pics and videos, including behind-the-scenes footage.

The focus of all Lofty's scenes were his gran, Sheilagh Chiltern (played by the marvellous Wanda Ventham), and her birthday... his relationship with her is unlike that with anyone else in his life, he's at the same time the little boy wanting to please and the exasperated 'parent' wanting to cherish ... it's a touchingly accurate portrayal of that role-reversal phase of life so many of us find ourselves in as our parents or grandparents age. Meanwhile, Dom is clearly still loved-up but also easily distracted...!

I look forward to seeing more from Lee and David Ames in next week's NHS70 special, The Anniversary Waltz, currently scheduled in its usual Tuesday slot but very likely to be bumped once more by the football into (probably!) the same Wednesday slot the show has occupied for the last couple of weeks.

Synopsis: Hungover, tired and caught out by a surprise assessment, Nicky makes a split-second mistake - causing things to get a whole lot closer between her and Zav, more than either of them had bargained for. With pressure piling on and Gaskell nowhere to be found, a troubling discovery causes Roxanna to question her loyalties. Dom's commitment to his new relationship is tested when he is offered a great professional opportunity that he can only take up by breaking his promise to Lofty.

The full episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until 27 July 2018 while below, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the Lofty edit. Also a few screencaps...

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Published: 08/06/2018; last updated: 28/06/2018
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