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Holby City .. 22 January 2019
Lee Mead as Nurse 'Lofty' Chiltern on Holby City S21-E04 : A DARING ADVENTURE OR NOTHING AT ALL

Lee was back on set at Holby yesterday, filming his first scene in three months after taking to the high seas (OK the English Channel) for Stages Fest and heading to the far, far north for panto in Aberdeen. With no sign of him in next week's cast list, I fear therefore that tonight's episode may be the last we see of him until that break works its way through the schedules.

If so, the threads left dangling last week are still there to be picked up, as this week we enjoyed that rarely seen thing ... Nurse Chiltern doing what he's actually paid for! No gossip at the nurses' station, no drama at the bedside, no coffee breaks in Pulses, no heart to hearts in the locker room ... just quietly doing the day job. Loved it!

Synopsis: Frieda is happy that her life is back on an even keel, but her contentment is shattered when ex-boyfriend Roman unexpectedly reappears. With their relationship going well, Zav is keen to step up and ease the burdens weighing on a stressed Donna. But all does not entirely go to plan when he embarks on some impromptu parenting of Mia. Ange feels the pressure as she works to sell her vision for her Young Adult Unit while treating a difficult and vulnerable patient.

The full episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until 21 February 2019 while below, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the Lofty edit...

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Published: 10/01/2019; last updated: 22/01/2019
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