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Holby City .. 30 July 2019
Lee Mead as Nurse 'Lofty' Chiltern on Holby City S21-E31 : THINGS MY MOTHER TOLD ME

With the Dofty focus very much on Dom (David Ames) and his mothers tonight, Lofty played a largely peripheral role, which feels rather symbolic of their whole relationship! This is reflected in the edit below which also includes much of Dom's story for context, though it doesn't directly involve Lee. Lofty did however put his foot down in telling Dom to get over himself and talk to Carol (Julia Deakin).

With Hanssen (Guy Henry) taking a similar stance, both Carol and birth mother Ange (Dawn Steele) also standing their ground and Sacha (Bob Barratt) dispensing words of wisdom, it was a more reflective Dom than we've seen of late who spoke at Bernie's memorial. But his somewhat haunted expression suggests the secret he's keeping from Lofty is starting to pluck at his conscience.

Synopsis: As the Holby team give a warm send off to a much beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin. However, Cameron crosses the line when his drunken behaviour spills onto the ward. Following a little nudge from Lofty, Dominic takes a tentative step to reconcile with Carole, but things quickly go south and Dominic finds himself at a loss - will they ever mend their fractured relationship? Chloe is desperate to cut all ties with Evan and wants to proceed with their divorce, but when he goes AWOL she is forced to make direct contact. Will Chloe be able to handle Evan's mind games?

The full episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer until 29 August 2019 while below, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, is the Dofty edit...

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Published: 12/07/2019; last updated: 30/07/2019
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