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Holby City : trailer .. 7 March 2017
Lee Mead as Lofty - Holby City Spring trailer (BBC) Our first glimpse of Lofty 'Holby City-style' as the show's Spring trailer is released shortly after Lee started filming at Elstree studios.

Greeting colleagues, new and old, and what's this... bare-chested Lofty? I have the strangest feeling of deja-vu ;-)

While I am in no way complaining about this, here's hoping the Holby writers give Lee the scope to impress with more than just his physical attributes, as we certainly saw the best of him on Casualty when he was able to flex his acting muscles with something more than 'clumsy but caring' Lofty.

I can't wait to see... Lee has tweeted that he expects his first episode to air around late-May, so for the time being I will content myself with twitter banter between Lee and his cast mates that suggests he's very much enjoying his return to the small screen after a year off to tread the boards in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and tour his latest album, Some Enchanted Evening.

But excited though I am to see Lee back on screen, I'm very happy he will still find time to share his music throughout 2017, with a monthly residency Up Front & Centre at lovely, intimate London venue, The Pheasantry. Gigs will be on the last Sunday of the month from March to November and with only 80 seats, ticket availability is already limited throughout the run, so if you're interested, check out the dates and get booking!

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First published: 7 March 2017
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