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BBC Breakfast .. 8 February 2012
Lee Mead on BBC Breakfast - Feb 2012 Lee joined Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams on the BBC Breakfast sofa for a chat about his forthcoming album Love Songs (out on Monday 13 Feb) and UK tour which kicks off in Bournemouth on Saturday 11 Feb.

Happily, although his appearance was brief, we also got to see the Anthem video briefly glimpsed on the Titchmarsh Show last week, but with sound this time, and also the video for Falling Slowly. Included in the download below, they were also viewable on YouTube for a short time until made 'private', uploaded by Lee's website designers (which may mean they will appear on the site sometime soon). [EDIT: They never did!]

Lee Mead on BBC Breakfast - Feb 2012 I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping they are full videos, but something Lee said in an interview the other day ("we filmed two short videos") leads me to think they may just be short promo vids along the lines of the beautifully atmospheric 'Through the Barricades' video from the previous album (also seen on BBC Breakfast in March 2009).

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