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Loose Women .. 28 April 2023
The Loose Women turned Lee's visit to their studio into a total Queen-fest, with a different hit song blasting out every time they returned from a break. The reason, of course, is Lee's return to the West End this summer to play Khashoggi in the new production of We Will Rock You at the London Coliseum.

He will star alongside one of their own - Brenda Edwards (Killer Queen) - who also played a part in him going for the role at all, after they'd worked together in Chicago last summer and again in panto last Christmas.

Though much of the chat focused on the show, they also talked of Lee's personal experience with dyspraxia, highlighting a condition that affects many, adults and children alike, and the challenges it presents in education, work and everyday life. You can watch it all in the edit below.

Published: 28/04/2023
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