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Jeremy Vine .. 23 May 2023
With just ten days to go until Lee opens as Commander Khashoggi in the new West End production of We Will Rock You at the London Coliseum, the promo continues apace - this morning he was to be found joining the panel on Jeremy Vine on 5.

The interview covered the usual ground - who he plays in the show, how it feels to be singing Queen songs on a London stage, auditioning for Brian May et al - before moving on to his hair transplant earlier this year. All evidence points to a very successful outcome - Lee looks amazing with his new close crop and is clearly happy both talking about the transplant and with its result.

He stayed until the end of the show as the panel chat moved on to discuss politicians on aeroplanes, German men's toilet habits (yes, really!) and recycling used furniture, with brief inputs from Lee, although I've omitted that section from the edit below.

Published: 23/05/2023
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