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Lorraine .. 17 August 2023
Commander Khashoggi let us know Lee would be dropping in to ITV's Lorraine, hosted today by Ranvir Singh, via this interval video on his socials - I'm going to miss that look when this summer's West End revival of We Will Rock You draws to a close on Sunday 27 August.

They talked of the show and how Lee's new look, following his hair transplant in January, may have helped him secure his first 'baddie' role - given how much Lee's loved playing it (and we've loved watching!), I can't help hoping there'll be more dark characters in his future!

There was time, too, to plug Lee's upcoming UK tour - The Best Of Me - kicking off this October with eight dates mostly in the south of England, although further-flung fans will be glad to know he hopes to schedule more dates further north early in 2024.

Published: 17/08/2023
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