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The Winner's Story .. 29 December 2007
Lee had a camera crew following him from the moment he won Any Dream Will Do until the opening night of Joseph - it witnessed the media madness of interviews, photoshoots and video-recording that followed his victory, his first meeting with his Joseph cast mates, the rehearsal process, much-needed down-time with his family, the Diana Concert at Wembley that Lee has often spoken of as one of the most memorable events of his life, and the drama of opening night itself when a breakdown in the set's revolve brought the show to a halt... it was a rollercoaster ride and one you can watch again below - a fabulous record of an amazing few weeks..
And there are screencaps:

Part 1 - Winning Any Dream Will Do
Part 2 - 37 Days to Opening Night
Part 3 - 32 Days ...
Part 4 - 23 Days ...
Part 5 - 16 Days ...
Part 6 - 12 Days ...
Part 7 - Opening Night

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