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Children In Need appeal news .. 15 November 2008
The TV listings, and indeed the BBC's own website, had us on the edge of our seats waiting for Lee to appear on the live show again this year ... but it was not to be! I would however like to take this opportunity to leave a permanent record on the Timeline of the fantastic amount raised in its name for Children In Need by Lee's fans.

With so many other drains on everyone's finances at this time of year, not least the many fundraising activities organised by various groups of Lee's fans which continue to raise incredible sums of money for the causes he holds dear, I had fairly modest expectations. I am truly humbled therefore that the total currently stands at:


which with Gift Aid rises to nearly 1,500! I always intended for this to be a short, sharp campaign but it seems I can't stop it without deleting the Just Giving page entirely, which I don't want to do just yet, so if anyone does still want to donate, they can, but I will no longer be actively seeking donations ... until next time!

My heartfelt thanks to all who've contributed - Lee has good cause to be proud of his fans - and I hope you continue to enjoy the Timeline and all its treasures in the months to come.

Published: 15/11/2008; last updated: 21/01/2020
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