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Website launch .. 5 October 2011
New official Lee Mead website launched, Oct 2011 Lee's new website (click the screenshot on the right to go to the site) had been trailed for a week or so and expectations had been building - for me, at least, they were far exceeded when it went live at 10am on Wednesday 5 October 2011. A really professional site, designed by Other Alias, with all the elements you would hope to find.

Most excitement (for me anyway) was caused by the song clips from Lee's new album, due for release in January (although I am hopeful we'll hear more of it sooner than that). Three very different tracks, each showcasing different elements of Lee's beautiful vocal, they auger well for an album that Lee told me he believes is his best work yet.

The Gallery is also a highlight, featuring Live, Personal and Studio albums, a visual feast! While the studio shots are stunning (except for some completely unaccountable photoshopping of his beautiful eyes in one or two shots!), it is the personal shots that show Lee's fun side and brought the biggest smile to my face.

A fabulous website - I'm hopeful it will be maintained with as much thought and attention to detail as has gone into its creation. Then maybe it'll be time for me to retire the Timeline!

Published: 28/09/2011; last updated: 23/01/2020
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