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Nothing to do with Lee, but .. 24 June 2015
A personal appeal... June 2015 I cheekily used this website for a personal appeal in relation to a Tandem Skydive I was doing in aid of The Children's Society and, having done it, it's only fair that I share the evidence along with my MASSIVE and heart-felt thanks for the extraordinarily generous support I received from Lee's fans, as well as my family, colleagues and other friends. As I write, the total stands at an incredible 1,400 - I hoped I might raise 500, so it's hard to express how chuffed I am to raise so much more for a charity with which I have a very personal connection (you can read more about that, and still donate if you wish, on the link below).


My initial foray, as part of a Tandem Skydive World Record attempt, was thwarted by the British weather, but a few days later on Wednesday 24th June, firmly attached to my instructor, I jumped from 13,000 feet (a little under 2.5 miles), freefalling at around 120mph for 42 seconds (or 8,000 feet), floated gently for a few minutes more, watching red kites gliding below me and chatting to my instructor about the history of the airfield we were fast approaching, before landing on my feet with scarcely a bump.

I did promise video, so despite the deeply unflattering outfit and camera angles (that I couldn't entire edit out!), here goes...

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