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Lee Mead Timeline - all the news, all the time!
West End and TV star, Lee Mead, doesn't know how to live a quiet life... but you've found the perfect place for up to date news of what he's doing - tour dates and concert reports, TV and radio news, exclusive pictures and videos, press articles and more - the Lee Mead Timeline has it all!

Lee Mead, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, Dec-10 To start exploring, click the 'TIMELINE' button above and make yourself at home - I hope you'll like what you find and come back often. To make sure you don't miss anything, follow @LeeMeadTimeline on Twitter for breaking news, site update alerts and general pretties!

I created the Timeline back in 2008 with the simple aim of marking key events in the multi-faceted career of Lee Mead - actor, singer and all round lovely guy. With official news then in short supply, it became a valued source of information about future events, and while that's still the case, official outlets - Officially Lee Mead on Facebook and Lee's Twitter feed @leemeadofficial and website leemead.co.uk - now also do a great job of bringing Meady news to his fans.

Meanwhile the Timeline has become a comprehensive record of all Lee has done since (and a little before) he hit the headlines in 2007 as the winner of Any Dream Will Do, going on to star for 18 months in the West End revival of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. With Lee's career going from strength to strength, the Timeline inevitably and happily remains a work in progress, documenting an ever-growing and diverse body of work.

Lee Mead, The Pheasantry London, Aug-13 After two years playing Lofty in BBC drama Casualty, Lee took time out in 2016 to tour his Some Enchanted Evening album and to return to the stage, first as Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and later, in the first West End pantomime for nearly 30 years, as Prince Charming in Cinderella.

Lofty returned in 2017, this time in Casualty's sister show Holby City, while musically, Lee's Up Front & Centre show played monthly at The Pheasantry, Chelsea. In 2018, Lee celebrated an amazing ten years since winning and playing the role of Joseph with a 10 Year Anniversary album and UK tour, before heading north to Aberdeen for his first pantomime in Scotland!

In 2019, there's more Lofty and a tour with a difference - My Story : A Dream That Became A Reality features some of Lee's favourite songs and sees him reflect on his life and career in conversation with BBC presenter, singer and good friend, Beverley Humphreys. And maybe some surprises ... Lee is always looking for the next challenge and if this year's 'plan' takes flight, it will be another exciting step in a career that keeps taking the path less traveled by.

Welcome, Ro x

PS Thank you ...
I have two reasons to be thankful - first to the lovely people whose contributions have helped make this site what it is today. Some choose to help anonymously but others are gratefully acknowledged here. Second, to the equally lovely people (many of them the same lovely people) who have supported the Timeline's fundraising appeals. To date over 4,000 has been raised for Children in Need, Help For Heroes, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal National Institute of Blind People. My HUGE thanks to all - Lee has very good cause to be proud of his fans.

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